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At Cortex we believe that most of the security risks can be prevented in a comfortable and practical way. And if any incident or crisis does happen, we believe that you get out of it stronger. Therefore, we at Cortex think about all the security and crisis management measures. Each situation is unique and requires customization. This is called 'intelligent security'.

We support you 24/7/365 with these intelligent customized solutions. We are available for direct support and for support planned ahead. This can be the case with a sudden increased threat, extortion, abduction, (tiger) kidnapping or other serious security incidents and crisis situations.

We have our team of experienced specialists such as security consultants, close protection officers, observers, driving instructors, security managers, security coordinators, private investigators and crisis management experts ready to step in and assist. They all are broadly specialized, experienced and are used to work for many different clients and specialized units of defense and police.

Our area is both national and international and we work for a variety of clients. This varies from medium-sized companies and government agencies to multinational corporations, boards of directors and wealthy families.

Personal security

Personal safety for you and your family is of the greatest importance for everybody involved. We feel that all necessary measures taken should have a minimal impact on your personal life and privacy.

Corporate security

We analyse all security risks present in your company and advise you about how to control them with the right combination of people and resources. And off course we can make them available.

Fraud & integrity

Fraud, theft and violation of integrity are becoming problems. We analyse your specific problem and advice you how to react decisivly in such a way that you quickly are in control again.

Driver training CCV proof

With us you do not only learn the special driver skills needed to be a professional driver. At Cortex you also learn how to recognize possible security risks and how to react to them properly.

"Unfortunately my public profile also attracts doubtful people. Cortex keeps them at a distance which gives me comfort."

Succesfull entrepreneur, mentioned in the Fortune 500

"On a yearly basis my skills as a professional driver are being updated by the professionals of Cortex. Just in case of....."

Professional driver of the chairman of the board of a listed company

"With the deployment of Cortex my international board can operate safe under harsh conditions."

Owner of an international operating company with a production plant in Pakistan

Do you need direct assistence?
Cortex is available 24/7/365 at emergency number: +31 (0)85 06 00 616

Cortex, focussing on innovation.

At Cortex we often work with colleagues who worked for special forces at the Ministry of Defence or Police where they had their practical experience at home and abroad. They learned the hard way about the great importance of keeping up with the newest developments in our business.

Every innovation, whether it is of a technical or procedural nature, ads value to our core competence: Offering maximum security, without being dominantly visible.

The services of Cortex focus on personal security, corporate security, fraud & integrity and specialized driver courses and training. We deliver tailor made solutions. Because every situation is unique and requires the right combination of good trained people and modern resources. At Cortex we call this intelligent security.

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Cortex updates website

27 December 2019

Cortex constantly is looking for innovations that can help improve our services. Therefore today the website has been fully updated.

Cortex updates website

27 December 2019

Cortex constantly is looking for innovations that can help improve our services. Therefore today the website has been fully updated.

Do you need assistence?

Cortex is available 24/7/365 at our emergency number: +31 (0)85 06 00 616

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