Advanced security awareness driver training

'The CEO of an international company asks his driver to ensure him, despite the anticipated meeting, to arrive at the VIP departure lounge of Schiphol on time for his flight to Singapore.'

'On the yesterday evening news it was already mentioned in the weather forcast; slippery conditions would set in. Despite the heavy conditions, the president of the board needs to be up north this afternoon for an emergency consultation. Fortunately the recent Swedish lake training comes in handy at this moment.

'An executive chauffeur working for a listed company notices that on a regular basis, unknown cars are parked close to the premises. There are constantly two persons in the car. He decides to report this to the security manager of the company and makes a note of it in his daily report.'

Cortex is a recognized CCV training institute

High demands are made on the profession of an executive chauffeur. A professional driver needs to have an excellent vehicle control and extensive knowledge of specialist driving skills. He needs to ensure that both the vehicle and its passenger(s) reach their destination in an adequate, safe and comfortable way.

Cortex believes that a professional driver, in addition to safe and comfortable driving, plays an additional role for his client; namely in the field of security. The driver is the so-called 'eyes and ears'of the organization and should be able to recognize the safety risks at an early stage and report them. This way will a skilled driver deliver an important contribution to minimize risks.

In case of a security risk, the driver must be able to anticipate and neutralize the incident through his driving behavior and skills. If nonetheless an incident occurs, the skilled driver should be able to handle the situation immediately to regain control. These skills are also important for people who have a higher risk profile and do not use a driver. To achieve this, a driver must be educated and trained in these specific competences. Cortex starts any training program with an intake. This creates a customized program for the participant, making the chances of success substantially bigger.

Cortex offers

  • Basic driver training (CCV D1)
  • Continued driver training (CCV D2)
  • Advanced driving courses (D3 and D4)
  • Recertification Training of all levels
  • Customized driving training (national and international)
  • Security awareness driving training

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Cortex, focussing on innovation.

At Cortex we often work with colleagues who worked for special forces at the Ministry of Defence or Police where they had their practical experience at home and abroad. They learned the hard way about the great importance of keeping up with the newest developments in our business.

Every innovation, whether it is of a technical or procedural nature, ads value to our core competence: Offering maximum security, without being dominantly visible.

The services of Cortex focus on personal security, corporate security, fraud & integrity and specialized driver courses and training. We deliver tailor made solutions. Because every situation is unique and requires the right combination of good trained people and modern resources. At Cortex we call this intelligent security.

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Cortex updates website

27 December 2019

Cortex constantly is looking for innovations that can help improve our services. Therefore today the website has been fully updated.

Cortex updates website

27 December 2019

Cortex constantly is looking for innovations that can help improve our services. Therefore today the website has been fully updated.

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