Travel security

'An Asian multinational decides to expand its services in the Middle East. Employees from the Dutch head office are going to visit local factories in several countries. There is no clear idea about the current security situation. The staff is not accustomed to travel outside Europe and is concerned about their travel.'

'A medium-sized company in the south of the country achieves a large proportion of its sales from Western Africa. Their staff travels on a regular basis to Africa. For four days there has been no contact with a colleague when his family starts asking questions to the company. Two days later, the first media reports appear about a possible abduction.'

'An employee of a Belgian company is traveling with two colleagues to the Caucasus. The town they reside in is unquiet due to political developments. On the way back to the hotel the road is deposited by demonstrating crowds. Slowly the dark sets in.'

Being well prepared lowers risks abroad

Cortex endorses the importance of preparing people travelling to and work in an environment with a security risk. This is of interest to the employee. The chance that he or she becomes a victim decreases through proper preparation. In addition, there is also an interest to the employer. By preparing staff for situations like that, it demonstrates its care for the wellbeing of her employees. This has a direct positive effect on the staff, and is also important in the event that an incident still occurs. The employer has recognized this risk and has tried to prevent this, within its capabilities.

Cortex distinguises three phases in the process of travel security.

  1. Firstly, permission to travel to risk countries needs to be in place and preventive measures should be taken.
  2. Secondly, the preventive measures need to be executed.
  3. Thirdly, support may be necessary throughout the trip. This can be done with security measures or with 24/7/365 remote support.

Cortex offers

  • Writing of a travel security policy
  • Providing a travel security awareness training
  • Providing 24/7/365 journey management
  • Implementing security measures during a (high) risk trip

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Cortex is available 24/7/365 at emergency number: +31 (0)85 06 00 616

Cortex, focussing on innovation.

At Cortex we often work with colleagues who worked for special forces at the Ministry of Defence or Police where they had their practical experience at home and abroad. They learned the hard way about the great importance of keeping up with the newest developments in our business.

Every innovation, whether it is of a technical or procedural nature, ads value to our core competence: Offering maximum security, without being dominantly visible.

The services of Cortex focus on personal security, corporate security, fraud & integrity and specialized driver courses and training. We deliver tailor made solutions. Because every situation is unique and requires the right combination of good trained people and modern resources. At Cortex we call this intelligent security.

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Cortex updates website

27 December 2019

Cortex constantly is looking for innovations that can help improve our services. Therefore today the website has been fully updated.

Cortex updates website

27 December 2019

Cortex constantly is looking for innovations that can help improve our services. Therefore today the website has been fully updated.

Do you need assistence?

Cortex is available 24/7/365 at our emergency number: +31 (0)85 06 00 616

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